Julemarked på Skullerudstua

Jeg kommer til å være på markedet på Skullerudstua 3-4. Desember! Med meg har jeg masse sopp- og plantefarget garn, strikkede plagg og småting (noe av håndspunnet garn), knuteleker til katt og hund og sist, men ikke minst, soppkrydder! I tillegg til å drive med strikking, spinning og farging så er jeg soppsakkyndig, og selger … Continue reading Julemarked på Skullerudstua

First market!

I am at my first market! I have brought lots of plantdyed yarn, knitted hats and earwarmers. This market is with lots of others in the local handicrafts association, where we all work together and place things by category. I will be at 3 other markets the next month where I will be at my … Continue reading First market!


I have made a bunch of headbands to put out for sale. I'll get them into the shop soon! But I need to take photos of each one separately first. I've knitted them double, using quality yarn from some of my favorite brands (Mondial, Pickles, Rauma, Du Store Alpakka etc). These twist headbands are my … Continue reading Headbands!

Headbands for everyone!

As I mentioned in my last post, I need those small, instant gratification projects from time to time. I found that the headband I made was so nice and cozy that I wanted another one! So I made one, just with thicker needles and a different twist. I love these little projects. And the kids … Continue reading Headbands for everyone!

Instant gratification

Sometimes, in between the larger projects, I need something small. I need that instant gratification from a project I can finish quickly! Headbands, mittens, hats... This time, it was a headband! Just a very simple, cozy and warm headband with a twist. Aran weight yarn, 5 mm needles, 46 stitches. For my head I knitted … Continue reading Instant gratification