First market!

I am at my first market! I have brought lots of plantdyed yarn, knitted hats and earwarmers. This market is with lots of others in the local handicrafts association, where we all work together and place things by category. I will be at 3 other markets the next month where I will be at my […]

All natural dyes

Here is the result of last weekends dyeing at my cottage! All dyed with lichen and mushrooms that I’ve gathered myself. In total, 2225 grams of yarn. Most in 25 gram skeins. I am in love with the purple and magenta, my favourite colors. The lichen was in an airtight bucket for 4 months, with […]


The last months have been slow when it comes to crafting. Surgeries and summer and all that. But now it’s autumn! With beautiful colors, rainy days and the cold keeping me more indoors. So my inspiration is back! And so are the mushrooms! I love mushrooms. The taste, colors and wide variety they come in. […]

Dreams of Flatlandia

This west was a test knit for Ciospy knits. It’s an awesome pattern! I fell in love with the graphic design, and immediately imagined it in bright colors! So that is what I made. This is intarsia, and at times it was tedious. I don’t love knitting intarsia, but I love the results! And small […]


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About Me

I’m a mother, girlfriend, cat- and dogmom from Oslo, Norway. My dayjob is at Innovation Norway, where I work as a programmer.

I took up knitting when I was pregnant with my oldest, in 2009. Later that year I started spinning, and then dyeing. I am self-taught, and I love expanding my knowledge of fiber arts! I knit, crochet, spin, dye and weave.

In 2020 I decided to finally try my hand at natural dyes, like mushrooms and plants. So now I do that, as well as dyeing with industrial dyes.

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