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Velvet-footed pax

I have gathered this mushroom over time, and now I had enough to dye! It’s a very sought after mushroom for dyeing with, because it can give a nice range of colors, and it’s very lightfast. The yarn I used was pure wool, except one, that I don’t really know what it. But some kind of brushed alpaca. All the […]

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Blanket for Gin

In October we’re getting a puppy. We’ve decided to name him Gin, because my boyfriend and I both love gin! And there is some special history around it too. So when we decided to get a dog, it turned out we both had thought about naming it Gin! Gender neutral, short and cute. I grew up with dogs, but haven’t […]

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After testing different types of mushrooms, I decided to try some flowers! I drove by a big field of Canadian Goldenrod (Solidago canadensis) when I was on my way to the woods to forage for mushrooms, so I stopped and gathered a bunch. My Google-fu had told me that this plant would give a rich, yellow colors when the yarn […]

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Pretty blue fungi

My first try at natural dyes made me want to make more! So now when I go foraging, I am not only looking for mushrooms that are edible, but also those that I can dye yarn with. On my last trip I found a rather interesting one, Hydnellum suaveolens. I read that this could give a beautiful blue color, and […]

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First attempt at natural dyes

It’s been about 10 years since I first started dyeing yarn and fibers, using industrial dyes and food colors. I always wanted to try natural dyes, but for some reason I thought it sounded like an immense process and way too much work to be fun. How wrong I was! It is indeed a lot more work to dye with […]