The last months have been slow when it comes to crafting. Surgeries and summer and all that. But now it’s autumn! With beautiful colors, rainy days and the cold keeping me more indoors. So my inspiration is back! And so are the mushrooms! I love mushrooms. The taste, colors and wide variety they come in. And also the treasure hunt it is to go forage for them! These were found around the apartment buildings in my neighborhood.

This summer I made a bucket hat for my oldest daughter. She so badly wanted a rainbow bucket hat, so while she was on vacation with her dad, I made her this!

I’ve also been working on a an oversized beanie! Started in April, right before my first surgery. Needless to say, it took forever to finish. I got it done last week, but still have to block it. Pictures and more info when it’s done!

2 thoughts on “Colors!

    1. These are not for sale. I have yarn for sale, in the section for handdyed yarn. The price in dollars will vary based on how the currency is. But the price in nok is there, so you can use en exchangerate calculator to check what your price would be in USD 🙂 Shipping depends on how much and to where.


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