Even more dog sweaters!

I swear, I am knitting other stuff too. And I will post them! But first I need to show off these dog sweaters I’ve made, since I have been super late in updating my blog! I have at least 6 FO’s since last time.

I made one very colorful, very visible sweatervest for Gin, because he got cold on the really cold days, and to make sure he is visible in the dark! As I’m sure many know, we don’t have that much daylight in Norway during winter. I love this little, colorful sweater! He’s so cute.

And then, for a bigger sweater. Our friends dog, Apollo, is a 1 year old king poodle. His owners likes to sleep with the window open all year, and that made him a bit chilly during the nights! So I custom made him a “nightshirt” for those cold winternights! And he looks very handsome in it.

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