The neon madness is done!

I finally finished the neon sweater for my daughter! She got it right before bedtime yesterday, which was suitable, since it was her birthday! My little girl is 9 years old now. Time flies!

She loves her new sweater, and gladly posed for some photos. She loves being photographed, unlike her older sister! So we had some fun with it, even though it was cold and snowy outside. I also made her a matching headband, so she was nice and warm!

The sweater is knitted using Dale freestyle, DSA Bling and a vintage effect yarn I inherited, but can’t remember the name of. I modified the pattern Happy Stripes from Drops, to fit my needs. The size is 11-12 years.

2 thoughts on “The neon madness is done!

  1. You are so brave- I haven’t knit for my kids yet bc I’m too worried they won’t wear it. The sweater is fantastic!


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