Gnome knitalong FO!

I’m a bit late to post, cause Gnutmeg was finished on December 24th! But I’ve just been too busy cleaning up after all his mischief to have time to post here. Here is the link to my Ravelry project page: Mazter’s ADVENTure Gnome

As soon as Gnutmeg was finished, Gnomey decided to show him around. You know… Being finished on Christmas eve, meant that there was lots of goodies around!

The first thing that caught Gnutmeg’s eye was the presents under the tree… Not knowing what anything in the world was yet, Gnomey had to answer his questions.

Since the presents were unobtainable, Gnomey brought Gnutmeg to the kitchen, and climbed up on the counter. The humans were busy making Christmas dinner!

They managed to munch some sausages before the human came back, and they had to run off. But there was another obstacle…

Thank goodness Gnomey had encountered the dog before! He punched him on the nose, dragged Gnutmeg out of its claws and scurried up to the dining room table. They were a bit shaken, so they climbed up to the highest chairs they found there.

They decided that the first floor was way too crowded. And they didn’t want the humans to see them! So they snuck over to the stairs, and climbed up.

After a short break, Gnomey led the way into the bedroom. Because there, the cookies were hidden.

After stuffing themselves with cookies, Gnutmeg was ready to explore some more. But what did he find? Oh. More food! But now, Gnomey had to stop him. The humans would certainly notice a big whole in their homemade caramel pudding, or the homemade meatcakes!

He dragged Gnutmeg away, up to a place he liked to relax. One of the yarn boxes! Gnomey often snuck into this room to sleep in the wool. But Gnutmeg only saw the stuff he was made of, just not knitted together… He shivered, but eventually fell asleep.

After their nap, they went back to the window where they were supposed to sit, and Gnomey put his arm around his new friend. Both were full, satisfied and happy! And back in their spots before the humans caught them.

But what they neglected to notice, was the evidence of cookie crumbs, all over Gnutmeg’s stomach…

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