Oh so bright!

This year, all four kids have gotten a knitted sweater. Unlike others perhaps, I don’t love making big items for the kids. I do love finishing them and seeing the kids happy! But I have less patience with my knitting when I know they will grow out of them soon. But still! I promised, and so far, 3 of 4 have gotten their sweater! Here is the last one I am working one, for my youngest daughter.

She wanted a colorblock sweater she said, in neon colors. So I was planning on making that! Then it turned out that when she said colorblock, she meant a sweater knit in variegated or speckled yarn. By that time, this yarn was already bought! Oh well…. Another time. So we agreed on stripes. She is really gonna light up the room with this one! Knitted in Dale Free style, 100% superwash wool. She is very impatiently waiting for it to be done!

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