Knitted leash and collar – pattern

I decided to make a knitted leash for Gin, to match his plaid collar. So I knitted up some cotton yarn I had in my stash, braided it together and stitched it up to make it sturdy. I love how it turned out! It has just the right amount of elasticity, is super light and very comfortable. And it looks nice!

So I made another one. This time with 3 colors, braided the whole way. I prefer this method! Then I made a collar to go with it. I put this set up for sale, because the collar doesn’t fit Gin, and extra income before Christmas isn’t a bad thing.

Pattern? No. There was no pattern, just trial and error. But here’s small guide, so you can also make this! I even added it to Ravelry.


You need a clasp for the leash, and about 100 meters of DK or worsted weight cotton yarn. My leash is 140 cm from clasp to end of handle. I used 15, 15 and 20 gram of Drops Muskat.

Knit 3 i-cords. You decide the length, but keep in mind the following: One cord needs to be longer than the rest, to wrap around and give extra strength at the end and by the handle. I made mine about 40 cm longer than the other two. The two shortest were 170 cm long before braiding.

When you’re ready to braid them together, make sure to leave an equal length of tail of the longest i-cord on each side. Use a safety pin to attach the three cords together at the top, and start braiding! Leave about 2 cm at the end to pull through the clasp, then sew in the ends very thoroughly, It needs to be able to withstand a dog pulling! Then wrap the extra long cord around the end, and sew that onto the leash. Make a handle that fits your hand, attach the ends to fasten the handle, then wrap the i-cord around the seam. You’re done! Enjoy your new leash!


For the collar you’ll need a release buckle and a D-ring, and if you want the collar adjustable, a regulator. You will need very little yarn, so it’s great for scraps. The amount will vary, you need to measure your dogs neck.

The i-cords will be wrapped double, so you only need 3, but they have to be about 2/3 longer than your dogs neck circumference. Twice as long, if you want an adjustable collar. I made 3 equal length i-cords, wrapped them through the buckle and laid them double for about 3/4 of the way. Make it 2/3 if you’re making it adjustable. This way, one side of the cords will be longer than the other. The ends on this side should be where you “cast off”, to make it easier to shorten them by frogging a bit, if needed.

Then I made a 6 strand braid, attached a D-ring at the end of that braid by sewing the ends of the shortest i-cords around it (like you do on the clasp on the leash). Then I knitted a 3 strand braid for the rest, pulled the cords through the other end of the buckle, and attached the ends thoroughly. This is where you would add the regulator if you want it adjustable.

And that’s it! It’s simple, but beautiful. And very comfy! Enjoy! I’d love to see photos if you make any!

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