Headbands for everyone!

As I mentioned in my last post, I need those small, instant gratification projects from time to time. I found that the headband I made was so nice and cozy that I wanted another one! So I made one, just with thicker needles and a different twist.

I love these little projects. And the kids wants some too! So I thought I’d share some of my favorite patterns for headbands, for the whole family.

Winter leaf band. This one is beautiful! And would be so cute as a matching mother/daughter set. Or sisters! It’s not as quick a knit as the ones I’ve just made, but it’s still quick and rather simple.

Winter leaf band.
Photo credit: Marianne J. Bjerkmann

Frida is very similar to the last one I made, just on smaller needles. It’s a lovely twist headband! Quick, easy and beautiful. And free!

Photo credit: Emilie Luis

For the males in our life, there are lots of options too, but far fewer than there are for women and little girls. I quite like the Reversible headband. It’s so simple, yet interesting with its two colors. And warm!

Reversible headband.
Photo credit: Laura Reinbach

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