Velvet-footed pax

I have gathered this mushroom over time, and now I had enough to dye! It’s a very sought after mushroom for dyeing with, because it can give a nice range of colors, and it’s very lightfast. The yarn I used was pure wool, except one, that I don’t really know what it. But some kind of brushed alpaca. All the yarn was mordanted with alum and cream of tartar. The mushroom had been frozen, and then dried.

Having never dyed with Tapinella atrotomentosa, I only knew what I had found on Google and in my Facebook groups. The first skein I added was without iron in the pot, and when I took it out I thought it looked like a rather simple, dark grey. So I hung it to dry, and decided to add iron, to get green yarn. And it certainly got green! Very mossy green. I like the color, and there was A LOT of dye in this pot. I left it for next time even, because there was so much dye left.

The grey turned out to have a beautiful purple hue in daylight, so I kinda regret not dyeing more before adding iron! Next time, for sure. But it was fun, I understand why this mushroom is sought after!

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