Self-taught geek from Norway who loves to knit, spin and dye yarn. I prefer my yarn soft and luscious, in all the colors of the rainbow!

Latest from the Blog

Dreams of Flatlandia

This west was a test knit for Ciospy knits. It’s an awesome pattern! I fell in love with the graphic design, and immediately imagined it in bright colors! So that is what I made. This is intarsia, and at times it was tedious. I don’t love knitting intarsia, but I love the results! And small […]

My lieblingsweater

Since I’m super late to post, this was done in the middle of March. It’s super warm and cozy, just like I wanted! This will be well used during winter.

Sorry about the silence!

I just realised I’ve completely forgotten my blog the last months. I have a tendency to think “Oh, I need to do that thing!” and then forget. That has happened a lot the last months. Partially because I’ve been through two major surgeries, which has affected my energy levels, my concentration, my motivation to knit […]

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